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Lunettes Selection

From 80's nerd-glasses and vintage pantos, MOSCOT ORIGINALS, 50's horn-rimmed and cat-eye frames, to antique spectacles and designer classics, Lunettes offers a complete history of fashionable eyewear, beginning in 1900. The never-been-worn original vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses are hand-selected from limited stock throughout Europe and from well known manufacturers around the world.

Come try our glasses on at our Berlin stores or browse the online shop.

Extraordinary vintage glasses from the most stylish of decades are just one half of the equation;  high-quality lenses are the other.  At Lunettes Selection, the two parts add up to a perfect whole.
Our master optician will custom-measure your vision onsite and on-demand, with optimal precision and accuracy, and proven results.

News from our shop at Dunckerstrasse 18

We’ve broadened our selection of the finest glasses for kids and teenagers.

Alongside children’s eyewear from past decades, parents can also find the latest glasses styles for kids,  including vintage-inspired designs from France’s Very French Gangsters, which are exclusive to our store.


“Probably the finest eyewear shop in Berlin”

“…the premier address for vintage glasses in Germany.”

« Best eyewear shop 2013 »

« This tiny boutique on Torstrasse has garnered a reputation among stylesetters for its stock of rare, unworn vintage eyewear … »

« … proprietor Uta Geyer has debuted her own collection inspired by the best designs of the last century – dashing and romantic frames that bring to mind Berlin's bohemian past. »

„The world's most fabulous eyewear shop…now with its own signature collection.“